Our People

The Advanced Values

Driving the Advanced Team from top management to the staff on the front line, are our 6 core values:

  • Driven – We are collectively and individually driven to succeed and deliver to KPIs set to the highest standards, propelling our organization to exceed industry expectations.
  • Engaged –We build relationships, by understanding our market needs, staying connected in the industry and securing a strong presence in the region.
  • Excellence – We place standards for ourselves, then exceed them. That is the promise of excellence at Advanced.
  • Innovative – To keep us at the forefront of progress, we cultivate a culture of innovation by empowering our teams to think out-of-the-box and support initiatives within the organization.
  • Flexible – Our customized solutions are our pledge to customers.  We adapt to each situation, each customer and each project to ensure delivery, client satisfaction and operational excellence.
  • Focused – Operational excellence is achieved with a keen attention to detail and focused energy on the task at hand.

Employee Welfare

Advanced National Contracting encourages a strong work/life balance for all employees. Additionally, we hold regular and on-going activities including social gatherings, sports festivals and cultural events to celebrate our employees and our diversity.

Our staff have access to recreational activities and talent development including evening study and personal development programs. We ensure our employees are engaged by encouraging them to lead a healthy lifestyle with a good work/life balance.

Learning & Development

We pride ourselves on developing exceptional talent that is drawn to business success, committed to diversity and nurtures entrepreneurial ideas. Learning & Development is a core component of our commitment to our employees. We equip our teams with development opportunities, skills and knowledge required to help them excel personally and professionally. We focus on the development of our existing team members to encourage their growth within the company.

Advanced National Contracting has a dedicated Learning & Development function delivering training opportunities to keep pace with our accelerating growth. Additionally, our specialized training programs for on-boarding new employees focuses on ensuring they deliver the Advanced standard of service.

Juan Dorfling

Advanced Employment

Saleh Al Rajhi

General Manager
Advanced Facilities Management

Moawia Sharfi

Projects Director
Advanced National Contracting, Industries &General Trading

Elie Nacouzi

General Manager
Advanced Laundry

Salome Joubert

Associate Director
Advanced Environmental Services