Our Services


Advanced National Contracting partners with regional property developers at the conceptual stage to deliver iconic building systems for the city’s skyline. We deliver precise, detailed models through our BIM software to give property developers a realistic illustration of installation logistics, timelines and consumption estimates within the budget of project. Our team of architects and design engineers work closely with clients to develop a masterplan of MEP systems at the design stage.


Advanced National Contracting installs complete MEP systems that work seamlessly together in preparation for operations. Our installation services for large scale projects follow best practices in the industry allowing us to handle fire fighting systems, HVAC, plumbing and electrical works as the preferred MEP contractor. Our system’s flexibility along with our installation techniques and cost savings has been highly commended by the general contractors we partner with in the region.


We provide reactive and preventative maintenance services to sustain a building’s performance and longevity, ensuring a safe environment to its stakeholders and users. Our integrated management system keeps an accurate measure on every aspect of a project providing our qualified and trained staff with data that allows them to rectify non-conformities, implement control strategies to optimize performance and realize energy efficiencies during peak usage.

General Contractors

Advanced National Contracting turns blueprints into functional, sustainable projects for diverse purposes. Our MEP engineers and technicians simultaneously monitor performance metrics while maintaining cost efficiencies for contractors and their stakeholders. As an MEP subcontractor and trusted ISO-certified partner, Advanced National Contracting works alongside general contractors at the implementation stage to ensure the project meets international quality standards.

Property Developers

Advanced National Contracting delivers full MEP and civil works to large scale residential compounds and multi-use buildings. Additionally, we are an approved vendor for government projects throughout the UAE. We manage energy consumption for HVAC systems, plumbing for sewage systems and electrical works for LED lighting. Our team diligently monitors usage and performance to ensure the properties continue to run smoothly reducing disruptions and breakdowns.


Our hospitality clients rely on us to carry out comprehensive MEP services for their core building and peripheral landscaping plans. The MEP systems installed supported by our team of technicians and engineers take into consideration the unique usage and consumption levels of hotels, managing outputs and increasing capacity in line with seasonal occupancy rates. Advanced National Contracting strongly supports the growth of the hospitality industry in line with the visionary plans of Abu Dhabi 2030.


Advanced National Contracting is an approved supplier for industrial clients and large manufacturing plants where coordination and precision are vital to carry out MEP requirements. To ensure factories run at optimum levels, all MEP functions undergo rigorous performance monitoring on our BIM system. Our team of experienced engineers implement the highest standards of safety and operational excellence at manufacturing plants.

Commercial & Retail

Advanced National Contracting addresses the importance of durability and the challenges of depreciation caused by footfall in commercial projects. For these and other high-traffic projects, we only use the highest quality materials with trained and qualified staff to carry out installation and maintenance work. We assist fit-out project managers from concept design to implementation for retail shops, offices and mall interiors.


Advanced National Contracting delivers MEP design and services to the healthcare industry while adhering to strict regulations set by health authorities and inspectors. Our engineers provide safe, reliable MEP systems for hospitals and clinics that support the critical services they provide for patients. The systems are tested and monitored to ensure they operate around the clock, leaving no room for MEP inefficiencies.