Our Services

Advanced Catering specialises in commercial and institutional catering.
Advanced Catering, with its two 55,000 sq.ft. industrial kitchens is one of the leaders in catering.

Delivering food solutions to corporate clients across oil and gas, energy, hospitality, industry and corporate business sectors. Additionally, it offers residential catering onsite for large manpower residences and compounds supported by meal plans and parcels delivered to work sites.

Capturing the right balance of nutritional quality, meal variety and cost optimization is a skill only a few in this industry master and have the capabilities to deliver, Advanced Catering is proud to offer this to their clients.

As a member of the UN Global Compact, Advanced Catering is an ethical company that works to promote the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. The firm combines ISO-certified excellence in food preparation and delivery with a strong commitment to diversity, CSR and worker welfare.

Our Services

Institutional Catering

Be it a school, university or hospital, institutional cafeterias rely on quality catering provided by Advanced to deliver balanced, ethnically diverse meals daily. Balancing meal planning with budget allocation is a strength our customers rely on. We achieve cost optimization for our clients through our vast purchasing power and relationship with suppliers.

Industrial Catering

Providing nourishing meals for large number of staff in the hospitality, engineering and construction fields requires operational excellence and highly trained teams to execute efficiently. Advanced Catering is proud to have numerous, loyal clients in this segment as a testament to its operational excellence, backed with accreditation of national and international certifications in health and safety. Clients have the option of leveraging our vast, centralized kitchen or mobilizing our team to work in their equipped kitchens on site.

Kitchen Management

Above and beyond meal production and delivery, Advanced Catering also provides consulting services and on-site supervision to your existing kitchen operation. Leveraging our vast experience in diversified industries with carrying capacity needs, we conduct a needs assessment and gap-identification to your current operation.



Our healthcare clients rely on us to adhere to the highest standards of hygiene in our nutritionally balanced meals. Healthcare operators are required by legislation to appoint only HAACP-certified suppliers for food handling and preparation. Advanced Catering prides itself in being a trusted partner to this highly-regulated industry. Hospitals can rely on us for both staff canteen catering and patient meals.


As diversification of economy continues in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and the rest of the GCC, the hospitality industry will grow, bringing with it an increased demand to cater to hotel staff. Advanced Catering offers flexible catering solutions for on-site staff catering and accommodation catering. Our capacity and logistics infrastructure ensure the timely delivery of mass produced meals that caters to the ethnically diverse tastes of hotel staff.


For our energy and military clients, we have the capabilities to deliver boxed meals to remote relocations adhering to the highest standards of food safety in production, packaging and transportation. To ensure our remote clients are serviced, we manage meal production from remote industrial kitchens owned and operated by Advanced Integrated Service. With no subcontractors involved, both Advanced Catering and their clients are assured of the quality and efficiency of our catering services.